Stories of Yeshuos

Every year we receive emails and phone calls letting us know the incredible gratittue people have to Hashem and how Rebbe Shimon has helped them through their problems. Here are just a few of the stories that we have heard.

After 5 years of marriage and endless prayers BSW from Boro Park donated $180 to Yeshuos Rashbi for Chai Rotel in Meron. With Hashem’s help he had a healthy baby boy in February. He named his baby Shimon after the yeshuah he had in Meron.

DL from Brooklyn has a happy and healthy family of 5 girls. He always wanted to have a little boy and constantly prayed for a healthy baby boy. He called Yeshuos Rashbi and donated $100 to increase the simcha in Meron on Lag B’omer. With Hashem’s help, 9 months later his wife have birth to a healthy baby boy!

Mazel Tov!

CW from Monsey was going through a very difficult time. His job was in danger and he was afraid of loosing his source of income. He has to support a very large family. He called Yeshuos Rashbi and donated Chai Rotel in Meron. With Hashem’s help a few weeks later, he received a promotion and his job turned around.

The Ta’amei HaMinhagim says that numerous people that had difficulty having children, finding a shidduch, recovering from an illness or attaining a livelihood were successful only after they donated “Chai Rotel” for the Lag B’omer celebrations in Meron. Rav Ovadia M’Bartenura and the Sheloh Hakadosh also confirm the success of donating to increase the simcha of Lag B’omer in Meron.

The Sages explain that miracles were routine for Rebbe Shimon, the Talmud describes many stories about the miraculous wonders Rebbe Shimon performed, even after he has left this world.

Merit a Yeshuah by Giving Chai Rotel