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Yeshuos Rashbi & Chai Rotel

meronOn the day Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai left this world, he gathered his closest students together and shared with them the secrets of the Holy Torah. He told them that this day should be a day of rejoicing and celebration because it is my day of joy.

Countless people have seen tremendous yeshuos for children, marriage, livelihood, or health because they have contributed to increasing the simcha of Lag B’omer.


More than 430 years ago, the first Rashbi hachnassas orchim group was formed to prepare for the special day’s gigantic crowds. In 1998 Rabbi Yehoshua Biderman founded Yeshuos Rashbi to continue this tradition.

Yeshuos Rashbi has begun their preparations to accommodate the largest Jewish gathering in the world. The tents are all ready set up and our staff has spent sleepless nights preparing the largest Seudas Hillulah D’Rebbe Shimon in Meron. We are preparing hundreds of tables and thousands of chairs to accommodate the largest crowd ever and of course we have brought thousands of liters of drinks and hundreds of pounds of cake to give out as Chai Rotel.

Imagine that you too can have a part in creating this simcha on Lag B’omer in Meron. Come join Yeshuos Rashbi for the largest Seudas Hilulah in Meron on Lag B’Omer. If you are not able to be in Meron you can be there in spirit by increasing simcha on Lag B’omer Rebbe Shimon will increase the simcha in your life.
Merit a Yeshuos by Giving Chai Rotel.